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 [Re-Opening] Gangsta Scape

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PostSubject: [Re-Opening] Gangsta Scape   Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Me and Stain just re-opened the server.

I warn you.. It CHANGED Alot to the more beasty. We are sorry about the Glitches etc.. If you find any PLEASE Let ANY of Staff Member know, you will be rewarded.

Will add pictures soon, but for now..

Quote :
* Download link - ?5ib0j5wmz4rnhkx#2 .rar
* Download link - ?5ib0j5wmz4rnhkx#2 .rar

.zip coming soon for Mac Users.

Tell about us to your Friends ! So we will have more fun In Game .
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[Re-Opening] Gangsta Scape
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