Gangsta Skape Rules

Welcome to Gangsta Skape!

No Flaming - Flaming is pointless and unnecessary so if you do it you will receive the consequences of your actions.
No Advertising - Don't advertise anything unless given permission by a staff member.
No Spamming - Spamming isn't beneficial to anyone so why do it?(unless it is for our server of course)
No Asking For Staff - If you ask for staff you don't get staff.
No Off-Topic Posts - If you have to tell someone something and it's not on-topic USE THE PM SYSTEM.
No Offensive Language - There isn't a reason for offensive language, we can all get our point across without calling cursing someone.
No Staff Impersonation - Don't act like staff if your not staff, it just hurts your chances of becoming staff.
Must Post In Correct Sections - It isn't hard, just use your brain and figure out if what your posting belongs in the section your on.
Must Use Common Sense - Do not post something that isn't directly against the rules but you know will not be allowed.

Thank You Walaa, Luke and Robert

Do you accept these rules ?
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